Ray Narvaez

Director of Operations & Sales

Ray-Narvaez Ray leads the staff at both of our facilities. He takes pride in the small, home-like setting we provide, and he is committed to our residents’ happiness and well-being. Ray is respected by staff, residents, and their families for his

  • Commitment and knowledge
  • Attention to detail overseeing our operations
  • Recruitment and retention of high quality staff

Ray became passionate about his work while caring for several elderly family members. He wished there had been options for his great-grandmother, grandmother, great-aunt, and great-uncles as they became less independent. As he searched for better alternatives to nursing homes, he found assisted living facilities were more flexible and appealing.

Ray co-founded Golden Sunset Services to operate the kind of assisted living facility he wished his family had had access to. Ray’s skills from his corporate career have been extremely helpful in operating Golden Sunset Services Assisted Living Care homes.

Golden Sunset Services’s mission is to help patients achieve the best quality of life possible, taking their current medical conditions into consideration. Ray only recruits staff who love working with senior citizens. “We employ people who love their job and what they do,” says Ray.

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