Care for Specific Needs

How do you know how to care for patients with specific medical and physical needs?
We pride ourselves on our intake process; it is very thorough. We assess physical and mental needs by connecting with patients, their current care providers and listening to their families’ input.

How do you assess patients?
We use an assessment and scoring tool to determine their medications, behavioral, physical and mental state and overall needs.

Who performs the assessment?
A Registered Nurse does a clinical assessment and determines the patient’s plan of care. A medical record is then created, and will include a list of medications, dosages and intake frequency.

How do you assist dementia patients?
Assistance for dementia patients depends on their stage of dementia and the symptoms they exhibit. We study each patient as an individual to understand his or her specific needs. We allow them to do whatever they can do for themselves safely, but provide assistance as needed. We have memory games, simple math games, etc. The Service Plan directs the staff on clinical needs. We frequently offer friendly reminders to reassure patients.
How are you equipped to help patients with limited mobility?

  • We provide wheelchairs, walkers, and rollators.
  • Both of our facilities are equipped with a stair lift to transport residents between floors.
  • We have a Hydraulic Lift machine for residents who are unable to walk or who are bed-bound.
  • Our Peaceful Manor facility has a ramp to enter the building.
  • Our transportation van is equipped with a Braun lift machine for residents in wheelchairs.
Why use your transportation vs. Uber or similar services?
Our drivers are experienced and our vehicle has state-of-the-art equipment to comfortably transport those who are less ambulatory or in need of wheelchair assistance.
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