Financial Matters

Why is power of attorney important?
We oversee the care of all our patients through a family member with power of attorney. In fact, power of attorney must be in place before we start the intake process.
What forms of payment do you accept?
We accept all electronic checks, all major credit cards, and direct payment to insurance companies. Most major insurances are accepted upon pre-authorization.

How are patients billed for service?
All billing is handled electronically. Long-term patients are billed monthly. Respite care patients are billed on a daily rate.

How do you protect patients?
We have had no cases of financial abuse, because we don’t handle any of the money, credit cards, or other financial possessions of our residents. All funds are supplied to us by the residents’ power of attorney.

Does my insurance need to be pre-authorized?
Any new insurance company for which we are not accredited would need to be pre-authorized.

Why does insurance matter?
Enrollment in insurance for medical and long term care plans can significantly impact the level of cost coverage to which a patient has access.

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