Family Involvement

Why choose an Assisted Living facility vs. a nursing home?
One important benefit of Assisted Living is a low patient-to-caregiver ratio. This leads to more personalized attention and attentive personal care. We take time to feed those who can’t feed themselves.

What services are included in the plan?
The services include personal hygiene, dressing, grooming, meal planning and preparation, medication management, social activities, housekeeping, laundry, and cleaning.

What is your patient-to-caregiver ratio?
The patient-to-caregiver ratio never exceeds 5 to 1. Most of the time, the operations manager (Ray Narvaez) is at or near the facility, which makes the ratio 5 to 2 (2.5 to 1).

How does Respite Care work?
We can accommodate temporary stays at our assisted care facilities when at-home caregivers need to be away or have personal health issues to which they need to attend. All of our services are available to patients during a temporary stay and are billed at a daily rate. It’s like staying at a luxury hotel!

From what types of occupations have other residents retired?
Private sector; government civilian and military, including Veterans Administration; Department of Defense, National Institute of Health and an Army Lieutenant Colonel; as well as nurses and housewives.

How important are family visits?
Family visit are important, because they show the patient that they have not been abandoned and that they are loved. As long as the family doesn’t interfere with the daily operations or try to give unauthorized medications, their visits are welcome during visiting hours.

How often should we visit?
Several family members visit every day at lunch time so they can help feed their mother or father. Others visit only on holidays; some only visit on weekends because they work during the week.

Can family members take residents on outings?
Yes, family members are more than welcome to take residents on outings. Family members who are taking their loved one out on an outing will be required to sign in and sign out.

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